Thanksgiving 2015

... for old friends and new friends, family and found family; because I call NYC home but am a citizen of the world; because I have options, the privilege to do what I love everyday and follow my passion(s) in whatever form they take; for the privilege to tell stories for a living; for health, happiness, joy and community; because after years of struggling I got to a place where I'm generally content with who I am; for access to resources; for good food, good art and the deep/transformative conversations that come with these things; for students who teach me more than I could possibly teach them; that we live in an age where social media keeps me close to loved ones despite distance and most of all because more times than I can say in a week I find myself wondering how I got so lucky to be surrounded by such bold, brave, bright and truly inspiring humans ... I am truly grateful today and everyday.

Photo by Ashley Marinaccio - November, 2015